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NRGkick 80edays Edition Mobile Charger

This charger enables you to charge everywhere in the world.

It is following the slogan of Rafael de Mestre from 2012:
"Wherever light is burning you can charge your car"
This device has been tested in 38 countries personally by Rafael de Mestre charging at plugs from 110V till 240V and 2A till 63A, Charging up to 22kW/h.
It is the official charging standard at eco Grand Prix races and is CE, TÜV approved, waterproof and comes with a 5m cable.

Check the charging process via Bluetooth, sit comfortably at a Restaurant and check if you can continue with your trip any time via the free App from NRG Kick.


This product includes the huge 80edays Globetrotter EV Adapter Set for travelling the world developed by Rafael de Mestre, two times EV world circumnavigator. 

This charger is exclusively available in our shop.

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