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Electric Car World Record Parade Ticket

Electric Car World Record Parade fee. The parade is driven with a max speed of 5km/h.
Speeding will be fined and leads to the exclusion from the event.
The drivers and visitors are insured over the organization insurance.

Event date 1.10.2023
Event place: Funpark Meppen
More Info:

The fee includes:
- official license to join the World Record parade.
- the official sticker.
- two hot dogs.
- two soft drinks.
- official digital photo of your car crossing the counting line.
- official mention (if wanted) on the list of those who made the record come true.
- free entry to all ecoGP 2023 event areas for all people sitting in your car.
- EUR 10 voucher in case more than 1,000 electric vehicles are joining.

All nations are invited, which nation will come with the most electric cars?
Welcome to bring your national flag to hang it out your window during the parade.

Welcome to apply on your car sponsor stickers.
Stickers contradicting the statement of the event may be censored.

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