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80edays team profile setup fee

Team Profile Setup

This is the first step to be done in case you are interested in joining the next edition of 80edays as official team in 2024. We will set up a profile which can be set to anonymous in case you don't want your profile to be public and will give you the chance in case you set it to public to promote yourself as official team and to collect money from sponsors and fans supporting you.

With the payment you will get a time slot for an online meeting with Rafael de Mestre, the founder of 80edays and twice circumnavigator where you can ask all questions you want.

After all questions are clarified you are welcome to book the next step, to get all official merchandise and promotion material. See product "80edays Level C upgrade".
After your profile is set up you will get a discount code for reducing the price for the upgrade by 4000 Euros.

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