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80edays All-Inclusive Package

You will get a personal cameraman driving in your car with you, filming you and your feelings and impressions to cut it into a very personal movie during and after the event.

Also, the cameraman will visit you before the start to film and interview you in the preparation stage of the adventure.

The car (a Tesla Model S) will be rented to you by 80edays free of charge and will be fully insured for the whole trip with no kind of repair costs for you. It will come with a mobile charger.

All overseas car transport costs and road tolls are included. 
All hotel costs, including breakfast, are included. 

All CO2 compensated business class flights from EU to US and US to China for your team (up to 3 persons) are included (4th person in your car is the cameraman).

All in all it is an all-inclusive deal, where all costs during the 80 days driving event are included, even the lunch and dinner costs plus the stay before the event starts and the stay after the event finishes.

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